How to Create an account

If you are already a member of Hannakins Farm Community Centre, creating an account for this website is very easy. The process involves a check that you are a member so this might take a day or so.

The process

Click on "Create an account" in the menu on the left of the Home Page

Complete the form that then opens by entering your name, choosing a username, entering your email address and a password.  Please use your real name since we need to check your membership status. You also need an active email address.

There is an anti-spam puzzle to complete to filter out "spambot" attempts to register.

At the bottom of the form, click on Register.

You will then receive an automated email inviting you to verify your registration - just click on the link. An administrator will also receive an automated email and will authorise your registration. You will then be able to log on and access the member-only section.

Remember to make a note of your username and password.


If you have any problem with this registration process please contact

15:23, 8th August 2020
August 2020