News about Hannakins

Hall floor re-furbished (16/03/2018)

The Main Hall floor has been completely re-faced and finished with new lacquer and lines.

It looks great!


Business as usual - nearly

Hannakins is back to normal after the Unauthorised Traveller Encampments. Sadly Pitch 3 remains unplayable as a result of the damage done although the Council have done what they can to restore the surface. Time and better weather will complete the job.

New bollards have been installed to replace the wooden posts that were ripped out to access the car park and WBCA management are exploring options to install a height restriction system at the main entrance.

Unauthorised Traveller Encampment (updated at 17:15 on 7/02/2018)

On 29th January a group of Travellers with their vehicles and caravans entered the site at around 1 pm. Representatives of the Council and the Police were involved on the same day. Due to previous experience with Travellers trying to make use of toilets and showers in the Centre, WBCA Trustees and Management decided to close the Centre. The safety of staff and hirers on site is the Management’s main priority.

The Council sought and eventually obtained a Court Order on Monday 5th February giving the Travellers 24 hours to leave. They left the site on that same night. The Centre Management implemented plans to re-open the Centre on Tuesday 6th February at 3 pm.

At about 4pm on the 6th February, the Centre received reports that a convoy of travellers was entering the site via the Linda Gardens entrance. The Centre was immediately closed and hirers advised. A vehicle was seen to drive onto the cricket and football pitches and drive around the site. A considerable number of cars and caravans collected at the cricket pavilion side of the site. The police and Council were informed.

By the next day (7th Feb) there were also Travellers' cars and caravans in the main car park. It became apparent that they had got there by driving over the pitches after destroying the field gate at the cricket pitch end of the site. Considerable damage has been done to the cricket pitch and some football pitches by a combination of high speed joy riding and the towing of caravans.

The police quickly served Section 61 notices on the Travellers who had all left the site by 1230, leaving one caravan that appears to be disabled, a lot of mess and some ruined pitches. The police used a flying drone to capture photographic evidence of the damage done.


*** The Centre will be open for business as usual on Thursday 9th February ***


New synthetic playing surfaces


In August 2017 WBCA commissioned a new 3g synthetic playing surface providing a full size football pitch or 2 x 7-a-side football pitches. Two of the old hard tennis courts have also been relaid with a synthetic surface providing a multi use gaming area for tennis, netball or junior football training.  

The substantial investment was made using own funds and a significant contribution from Basildon Borough Council.